a lasting connection

Personalized DNA-filled products are a living and Everlasting connection

DNA is Love offers a menu of customized DNA-filled products for your loved ones and pets. Hold, wear, and cherish these unique items that provide a beautiful and enduring reminder of those you love for generations to come.

  • Pendant necklaces and gold bracelet.
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  • butterfly heart dna pendant 2
  • A gloved hand fills a heart pendant using a pipette.
  • DNA picture frame example

create a living and lasting connection to your loved ones and pets

A little about us…

Preserve and cherish the DNA of those you love.

In the spirit of keeping your loved ones close, DNA is Love combines science, life stories and connections as a way to keep the genetic legacy and memories of those you love alive. Our mission is to connect the generations throughout time so that those we love are never forgotten.

Why Choose DNA?

We offer DNA-filled products that provide comfort and remembrance of those you love. DNA is the genetic blueprint of life and is stable for generations. By choosing to preserve the DNA samples of loved ones, we offer a tangible presence that can stay with you throughout your lifetime. Our process of extracting and quantitating DNA uses proven, state-of-the-art molecular biology techniques yielding DNA that will stand the test of time.

have cremation ashes?

All of our products are available for cremation ashes as well.

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We understand the sensitive and private nature of you and your loved ones’ collected DNA samples. We pledge to act ethically and compassionately with each sample we receive and will treat every customer with the kindness and respect they deserve.

How it Works

You will be guided through our process from start to finish. Our products are filled with DNA from one person/pet or more. Here’s how it works…

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