“Our desire is to offer dna is love products and shared stories as a powerful and intimate reminder of the interconnectedness of all living things.”

– stephanie & dave

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our vision


DNA is Love was started as a shared vision, the merging of separate yet related lifelong dreams of co-founders Stephanie and Dave. Our vision is to create a unique & meaningful opportunity for people to have and cherish a tangible, living, and lasting remembrance of their loved ones or pets. Using our respective skills and life experiences to bring the awesome power of deep personal connections and DNA together, our desire is to offer products and shared stories as a powerful and intimate reminder of the interconnectedness of all living things.


We understand the sensitive and private nature of you and your loved ones’ collected DNA samples. We pledge to act ethically and compassionately with each sample we receive and will treat every customer with the kindness and respect they deserve. We commit to not share your private information with anyone and will only use the collected swab samples to extract and prepare the DNA for your product. Please see our complete privacy policy. We will not retain any samples beyond this preparation and will carefully and properly dispose of all items related to your DNA extraction.

Our genuine hope is to bring you a lasting, peaceful reminder of those you love the most.

our founders

Meet Dave and Steph. Two people, two dreams… with the hope of creating something good in this world.

Headshot of Dave Hanson - DNA is Love Founder

Dave Latorra

Co-founder of DNA is Love, LLC.

Dave began researching molecular biology and DNA technologies and PCR during graduate school and has been working on applications in different forms since. In the early 1990s, he worked at a private forensics and relationship testing lab in Denver, Colorado which developed into his Ph.D research project on animal and human identity testing. He continues to work with several labs on human DNA relationship testing. Dave has a strong scientific research and development background after working with several leading Colorado molecular diagnostics companies. He was the lead author of a series of publications focused on LNA (locked nucleic acid) applications.

He has continued to focus on molecular biology and diagnostics throughout his career. Dave has a long corporate history as a Senior Field Applications Specialist with several leading multinational genetic tools and diagnostics companies. Most recently, he has worked in cannabis sciences and over the past three years he has served as Lab Director for four different cannabis analytical chemistry testing labs in California, Oregon and New Mexico. Dave is also the founder of Ganja Genomics, a startup focused on emerging cannabis DNA applications and products.

Dave has a B.S. in Biochemistry and M.S. in Microbiology from Clemson University and obtained a Ph.D in Zoology/Biology from Colorado State University.

Headshot of Stephanie Ford - DNA is Love Founder

Stephanie Ford

Co-founder of DNA is Love, LLC.

Stephanie brings compassion and a vision for connection to the human side of this venture. As a former hospice care worker, she saw the need for connection, the importance of sharing stories, the significance of keeping memories alive, and the desire everyone has to be remembered.

Stephanie has a background in business development, marketing, and graphic design as well as hospice and caregiving. Stephanie has a passion for learning people’s stories and recognizes the importance of passing these stories down so that those we love are never forgotten. When not working and learning about DNA, Stephanie enjoys hiking the beautiful trails of Oregon, birdwatching (a new hobby), hanging out with the people she loves the most & spoiling her sweet cat, Yeti.