We test each extracted DNA sample by real-time PCR to confirm human or pet DNA is present and how much was obtained. If a sample fails to show the presence of DNA, we will contact you to set up a second sample collection with detailed instructions.

We start by collecting your cheek cells, extract DNA and use that DNA solution to fill your product. See our process page for more details.

We’re not providing any identification or medical diagnostic information from your sample. This is meant to provide a lasting and personal connection keepsake only. With each product purchase, we offer additional high quality DNA samples in dried down form for long-term preservation and use. However, we cannot guarantee DNA identity or testing results.

Your DNA should last a lifetime. Our process and final resuspension buffer is designed for long term stability. It’s known that DNA, under favorable conditions, can last for centuries. We don’t guarantee our process will yield DNA samples with this longevity but it’s technically likely.

In the event that you splash a little of the collection solution on you or your pet, rinse thoroughly with soap and water for several minutes. Flush thoroughly for 15 minutes if liquid should come into contact with your eye. 

The longer you swab, the more cheek cells and DNA we will get out of the process. If you don’t swab for long enough we may not obtain measurable DNA and would need you to provide another sample. For pets, try the best you can. If you need to do more than one attempt, go for minimum of 30 seconds total. In most cases this will provide enough cells for us to complete the process.

It’s not meant to. There’s enough liquid in the tube to preserve the sample during shipping. The liquid is a lysis buffer, that protects the cells and DNA during the time from collection to extraction. This will prevent the DNA sample from being degraded.

No, due to our privacy & security policies, we do not retain samples from anyone. If you need to reorder, contact us at info@dnaislove.com. We would start the process again by sending you a fresh sample collection kit.

The amount will vary. It’s typically in the nanogram to microgram range. The specific amount will be provided on your Certificate of Authenticity.

First, it won’t be dangerous and you won’t be losing your DNA sample. It is already coating the surface of your product and even if dried down remains stably preserved over time.

No, DNA cannot be seen by the naked eye. We do fill your product with DNA solution and seal it but it’s not meant to be opened. Over time, the liquid may evaporate but the DNA is still inside your product even if it’s in a dried down form. DNA is known to be very stable under these conditions.

Yes. We offer our products as stand alone items. We will send you a cremation ash filler kit along with your customized product. Contact us for more information at info@dnaislove.com

Yes, This is an option. We are offering DNA samples mixed with cremation ashes sample with the Amber Vial, the Everlasting Glass Vial and the Forever DNA picture frame. These items hold enough volume to accommodate a mixture of both types of samples. Like we do with all products, we confirm by PCR that the DNA extraction worked before mixing the two together. Email us at info@dnaislove.com for more information.

To protect your jewelry, we recommend removing it before contact with water, body products or cleaning products. Either use the polishing cloth provided or a mild soap with water to keep your jewelry looking sparkling and new.