the process

how it all works

Every sample matters to us. From collection through DNA extraction to your final product. We’ve optimized the process every step of the way.

Here’s how our process works…


We’ll send you a sample collection kit. Take a cheek swab sample as directed and send it back to us in a prepaid mailer.


The DNA extraction process includes cheek cell lysis, magnetic isolation, washing and DNA elution.


The amount of DNA is quantitated by real-time PCR confirming the presence and amount from each sample.


We’ll add your processed DNA sample into your product, seal it and ship it back to you along with a Certificate of Authenticity.



Our sample collection process is quick and easy for you. We will mail you a cheek swab + collection tube kit with instructions and a return mailer. Following the procedure provided below, the swab is used for a cheek cell collection from humans and pets to fill your product order. The goal is to obtain as many cheek cells as possible to provide the highest DNA yield. Once cheek swabbing is complete, the swab tip and collection tube (with solution) is capped tightly and mailed back to us in the included prepaid mailer. You will receive your DNA-filled product by mail along with Certificate of Authenticity by email once we’ve completed the process. In the event that you should splash a little of the collection solution on you or your pet, rinse thoroughly with soap and water for several minutes. Flush your eye for 15 minutes with water should this liquid come in contact with your eye.


  • Confirm name on tube matches the DNA sample you are sending in.

  • Rinse mouth for 30 seconds with water. (Not required for pets.)

  • Remove swab from package and vigorously swab inside of both cheeks for approximately 1 minute total. For pets, 30 seconds minimum.

  • Carefully uncap tube and hold in one hand.

  • Line up indentation of stick with top of tube.

  • Snap hard to break swab and keep in tube with liquid (twist or use scissors to separate if needed).

  • Tightly screw cap back on tube.

  • Place tube in small plastic bag and zip shut.

  • Put tube in prepaid mailer to return to DNA is Love.


DNA extraction PROCESS

We are using proven human and animal genomic DNA (gDNA) extraction methods via commercial kits with their added Quality Control process. It is based on a cheek cell lysis procedure (breaking the cells open). Once the cells are broken open, genomic DNA is captured by magnetic beads. These beads bind DNA by charge attraction and all cellular debris is washed away. The DNA is then removed from the beads into a storage buffer. Your DNA sample is confirmed and the amount of DNA is determined in the next step in our process.



Once DNA extraction is finished, a small amount is removed and tested by real-time PCR. This is done using human and animal specific primers to confirm that DNA was extracted and how much was obtained from each sample. We do this to ensure that the process worked and that we get actual DNA from every sample we receive. The final amount of DNA used to fill your products is included in your Certificate of Authenticity.



Once steps 1-3 are complete, your confirmed DNA sample is added to your product. Your product is then sealed, engraved, packaged and shipped to you. Your order will arrive by mail and a Certificate of Authenticity will be emailed to you in a PDF format.

Our hope is that you can keep this lasting connection with those you love for years to come. Thanks for letting DNA is Love be a part of it.