Return Policy

Since this is a totally customized process involving your personal DNA samples and engraving, no refunds other than for material defects are allowed. Once the order is received and paid for, the process initiates for your final DNA is Love product and all sales are final except as noted above. Should the cheek cell collection or DNA extraction unexpectedly fail, you will be notified by us to arrange for a second sample collection kit and DNA extraction process and thorough review of the sample collection procedure. You will be contacted by our Support center if a second attempt at swab collection results fail to discuss options for another attempt or potential credit for your order. We agree to work with you when both parties exhibit good faith to order fulfillment. We retain the rights of order refusal or dispute mediation if the customer is found to not fulfill their part of this agreement (e.g., not returning a collection kit, not following the sample collection procedure, fraudulent activity, etc.).