Please see our commitment to you regarding privacy and respect on our About page. Providing highest quality, authentic DNA-filled products that connect people with loved ones is our core foundation at DNA is Love.

All personal information, cheek cell swabs and DNA samples collected will be kept strictly confidential. Your information and samples are yours and belong only to you! That data will never be sold, disclosed to third parties or reused for any purpose. This data including your contact information is used solely for the purpose of filling your order and any preferences or notifications that you wish to sign up for in your ordering process. We will not store DNA samples or remnants and they will be handled respectfully following standard biological sample disposal procedures.

We will not deviate or stray from these core principles that we were founded on. Like DNA itself, we will dedicate unwavering execution to make sure your DNA is Love products are of the highest quality and the collection of personal stories stay true to our vision of kindness, love, positivity and goodness.


Once you place an online order we will fulfill your order in as timely a manner as possible. Depending on the source product supply chain, this may be delayed until products are available. You will be notified by email if such an unexpected supply chain delay occurs. We anticipate a turnaround time of approximately 3-6 weeks depending on several factors including shipping three times (collection kit to you, swab samples to DNA is Love and final product shipping back to you). Please Contact us for special rush ordering fulfillment at orders@dnaislove.com.

We are not responsible for lost or damaged items during the shipping process by third party shipping. Our client support services will work with you on fulfilling your order in any such instances.

Since this is a totally customized process involving your personal DNA samples and engraving, no refunds other than for material defects are allowed. Once the order is received and paid for, the process initiates for your final DNA is Love product and all sales are final except as noted above. Should the cheek cell collection or DNA extraction unexpectedly fail, you will be notified by us to arrange for a second sample collection kit and DNA extraction process and thorough review of the sample collection procedure. You will be contacted by our Support center if a second attempt at swab collection results fail to discuss options for another attempt or potential credit for your order. We agree to work with you when both parties exhibit good faith to order fulfillment. We retain the rights of order refusal or dispute mediation if the customer is found to not fulfill their part of this agreement (e.g., not returning a collection kit, not following the sample collection procedure, fraudulent activity, etc.)


All intellectual property copyright, trademark rights, database and design rights for any of our products and services belong to DNA is Love LLC. Any website or social media images, videos and content rightfully belong to the company. Our products and services may not be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed without the express written consent of DNA is Love LLC. We do not claim ownership or copyrights to any user posted content in the life story sharing section of our website.

For the shared content section, a Corporate Standards terms of use policy applies where DNA is Love retains ownership discretion on whether content posted meets our standards and conditions. We believe in kind and open but not hateful, hurtful, slanderous, indecent or other inappropriate content for our site including unlawful, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene, indecent, inflammatory, pornographic or profane material. We want this to be a site for sharing positivity, DNA stories and love between all people of all ages and including different species.


If you are 13 or older but under the age of 18, you represent that you have reviewed these Terms and Conditions with your parent or legal guardian and that you and your parent or guardian understand and consent to these Terms of Use. Everyone ordering our products is thus offering consent, irrespective of age, for their ordered biological sample processing resulting in DNA isolation, confirmation and incorporation into a DNA is Love product of your choosing.

You agree to provide current factual data for the ordering process and online content sharing registration.


DNA is Love is going above and beyond anything previously offered by confirming the presence, viability and amount of extracted DNA samples for each swab sample collection and DNA-filled product whether in single or mixed form (for each party in the mix). Once the DNA is incorporated into the jewelry or other product, some evaporation and or liquid loss may normally occur though the total amount of DNA remains the same (in a lower volume of elution buffer). The jewelry is not meant to be opened and closed. Even if all liquid is gone the dried down DNA remains intact inside the product.

We are using a very high tech method called real-time PCR to confirm and quantitate the amount of DNA extracted and derived from each cheek swab sample. This adds to our costs but offers the best sensitivity and precision to confirm the DNA is Love extraction process yielded excellent results for each and every sample.


A Certificate of Authentication (COA) will be provided in PDF format, if requested, for each DNA is Love product. This includes name, amount of DNA added to the product and optional photo(s) if you choose to provide one of the person or pet whose sample is being collected. Real-time PCR is used to provide result confirmation of DNA sample presence and amount (quantitation of DNA) for your specific item.


We expect DNA is Love products to last a lifetime with careful storage and handling. A reduction in sample liquid volume is normal and expected over time. The jewelry is not meant to be opened and closed and any inadvertent spills once received are not covered under warranty. Additional preserved DNA samples for long-term storage and potential use are available (see our product menu page).

If there is an evident defect in a product, please take a few detailed photos and email them to us with a description of the issue to info@dnaislove.com. The Warranty is in effect where deemed appropriate with the return of a defective product to us. The Warranty does not include lost, stolen or intentionally damaged items.


The products provided by DNA is Love are 100% genomic DNA samples from self-collection by individuals for personal use and entertainment purposes only. We make no claim to the confirmed identities of any samples collected and processed for DNA since by design no chain of custody is followed for sample collection. We offer an optional extra preserved DNA sample in an amber vial in lyophilized (dried down) form (see extra preserved sample vial here). We attest these have been prepared and stored in an optimal form. However, we make no guarantees or claims to any future medical or diagnostic test utility or results (though it is highly likely). DNA has remarkable long term stability, especially under the conditions and processes we are using; we simply have not had the corporate longevity and ability to test this in practice.

If a DNA confirmation result does not confirm a viable cheek cell sample was collected and DNA successfully was extracted, you will be contacted by our client support by email to resend an additional collection kit (plus directions for collecting a sample correctly). Beyond two tries, collection kits will be provided, however, shipping will be paid by the customer. In the unlikely event this occurs, please contact our support team at info@dnaislove.com. We want to help make sure that your order is fulfilled as seamlessly as possible.

DNA is Love is an OR-located LLC. The value of any remediation or mediation of a product dispute shall not exceed the costs of the products purchased and any additional charges incurred. We aim for 100% complete customer satisfaction as one of our core principles.