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Q: What’s the difference between DNA & RNA? Why is DNA more stable and last longer?

A: Yes there are definite differences between these different nucleic acids in both structure and function. The molecular difference is small in structure but huge in function. There is a change in sugar component from ribose in RNA to deoxyribose in DNA that separates. Functionally, though, DNA is the stable hard-wired blueprint while RNA is the transient and changing message and go-between to protein production. There are several types and functions of RNA : messenger RNA (mRNA), transfer RNA (tRNA) and ribosomal RNA (rRNA) that play different roles in nuclear function. In reality, DNA and RNA are always in motion and are essential to biological functioning in all species.

Q: What’s a genome? Are you providing one person or pet genome per sample?

A: A genome is defined as the complete set of genetic material or genes present in a cell or organism. In other words a genome is a full complement of the DNA or set of genetic instructions for each individual.

Yes we are providing many copies of a genome, one person or pet’s genetic code, found in every cell of their body including the buccal (cheek) cells where the swabs were taken.

Q: Is DNA visible? Why does it appear as a clear liquid?

A: The DNA extracted from cheek cell samples in this procedure is not visible to the naked eye. Some online images of DNA are either schematic or those with white cloudy precipitation were shown from large preparations by other methods. DNA extraction for each order is confirmed by another method, real-time PCR, that is also not seen by eye but using highly sensitive chemistry and instruments. DNA is Love filled jewelry is not designed to be opened. The liquid may evaporate to some extent over time but the DNA would remain in dried form inside the products should this occur. People ordering an extra preserved sample will find the DNA in dried down (lyophilized) form which is optimal for long term storage and later use.

Q: Can this DNA tell me anything about my family or pets?

A: Yes it could, but we’re not using the extracted DNA for any medical or diagnostics purpose, just as a living reminder and personal keepsake. We can’t guarantee that the DNA-filled products will yield identification or diagnostic data, but it is entirely likely and indeed probable that it would. We offer extra preserved samples in dried-down form for the idea of future rehydration and utility.

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