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Basic DNA Concepts

This article is a nice introduction to some basic DNA concepts and terminology in understandable language. It has some interesting facts about DNA structure, location and function. This is a nice starter read for many non-science majors who still have a deep interest in genetics, heredity and basic biology. Or a quick refresher if that Biology class you took was a long time ago…

DNA Explained and Explored


Here’s an article about personalized genetics that is very relatable to most people. How well does your body process caffeine from coffee or tea? Did you know that there are genetic differences between people in this metabolic pathway of glucose and lipid metabolism due to effects of coffee drinking? This article discusses the DNA targets and some of the genetic and environmental variables also in play in caffeine metabolism.

Your DNA determines your reaction to caffeine

Do your genes determine whether coffee is good or bad for you?

Genetic Determinants of Liking Coffee

Dog Behavior & DNA

So, there’s lots of genetics in play in the world of pets, too. This article is about how particular dog breeds have certain behavioral traits that have been hard-wired into their DNA over centuries. One study in particular looked at the dog’s whole genome data by DNA sequencing to determine whether animal herding by particular breeds is inherited and which specific genes are responsible. Interesting reading for the next time you’re taking your dog for a run and wondering why there’s so much energy in play.

Your Dog’s Behavior Is in Its DNA

DNA Through the Generations

This article delves into the ancestral basis of family trees and looks at some migratory data that comes from studying DNA relationships over the course of history. It’s kind of a poignant reminder of how we are connected to our ancestors wherever they came from and migrated to and that connection will be passed along to future generations as well.

What Our DNA Can Tell Us About the History of Humans

DNA Testing for Dogs and What Does it Mean

Most people who have dogs know that there are mail order tests to determine which breed their prized pet is, similar to DNA genealogy in humans. This article looks at the basics behind the testing including what types of DNA analysis are performed, some of the specific canine genes being analyzed and what typical results might tell you. DNA is Love is not offering DNA testing for breeding purposes, but you can order a preserved DNA sample that can be used for such testing and a personalized memento of your favorite cuddly friend that you won’t find available anywhere else, either by itself or mixed with that from other pets or people!

The Science Behind Dog DNA Tests. Discover