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DNA + Ashes

Product Dependent Pricing

If you have cremation ashes from a loved one or pet, DNA is Love offers a unique combination of DNA + Ashes.

We are offering this one-of-a-kind option in four of our products: the Legacy Amber Glass Vial, Forever DNA picture frame, Hourglass pendant and the Everlasting glass vial. For this product we will mix samples DNA and cremation ashes giving you a truly customized, meaningful reminder to cherish forever.  When you order this product you will receive our standard DNA collection kit and an additional tube to add a small amount of your ashes. Send the DNA collection swab and ashes back to our lab in the prepaid mailer and we will do the rest.

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For an additional cost, we offer the option of ordering additional preserved DNA samples or samples from more than one person or pet to be mixed together in a product of your choosing.

At DNA is Love we offer customized products literally made just for you.