I’ve had a vision behind DNA is Love for Many Years.

It started back in the 1990s when I was working at a private DNA forensics lab in Denver. While working there, I was also doing Ph.D research on human and animal identification based on DNA markers. Through my early research, one of the samples I tested was my own. Over time, I collected samples from my mom, dad, brothers, and sister and held onto them through the years. I was curious how my personal family connections would show differences in similarities in DNA patterns using established DNA markers for human identification. I also needed a real set of family DNA in my research to test several potential DNA markers I was optimizing for DNA fingerprinting. I held on to my nuclear family through the years and felt a sense of unity and closeness even though we were physically spread across the country. Once I had kids of my own in the 2000s, I started up with the idea of putting DNA in jewelry and other keepsake products. In fact, years ago when they were young my girls did the artwork in this photo, drawing pictures of bracelets, necklaces, picture frames – literally the first product menu for what would become DNA is Love decades later.

The idea for the business went hot and cold for a long time.

Life interjected and different corporate research and field application support jobs came and went but the thought and dream for this emerging business carried on and that flame never flickered out over time. Finally, it all came together in 2022 with meeting my business partner, Stephanie, and long discussions about all the possibilities, prospects, ideas, hopes and dreams that founded DNA is Love. Stephanie brought the key to the entire thing – purpose! The amazing human connection element from her background and the curiosity to learn and share people’s stories to add to my science perspective. This helped us both realize what the real driving forces were and reasons behind WHY DNA is Love became a reality.

The DNA-filled products we’ve created are customized, unique and tangible. They’re reminders of those we love but I’ve realized it’s really about the interconnection of DNA and that deep personal connections are the true purpose behind DNA is Love. I’ve learned that the bonds and special connections people have with their loved ones and pets are priceless and give completion to Stephanie’s and my shared visions and dreams. As DNA is Love grows, we are excited to offer people a similar opportunity to get long-lasting, personal connections through our products, science corner and life stories. These are our ways to offer deep content that are core foundational to our business.

I am grateful to have my nuclear family and my kids’ DNA samples that I can hold onto and cherish, especially after my parents passed away in the intervening years. Now I have a beautiful, stylish way to remember and honor them. During product development, I recently created a first: a multi-generational DNA is Love pendant shown in my bio photo above and a Forever DNA Picture Frame, both containing a mixture of five DNA samples – one from each of my parents, two daughters and myself to span three generations of blood relatives – a first in our company’s young history.

We hope to help many other families share life connections, stories and DNA samples spanning the generations in similar ways.

Dave's daughters created this artwork many years ago when this was all just an idea