I’ve always had the deep belief that genuine connection comes from creating relationships that are built on kindness and love.

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to meet the most incredible people with the most incredible stories. It’s always been a dream of mine to share the experiences of those who have made such a difference in my life and the world. When Dave and I kicked around the idea for DNA is Love, it all came together for me. A place where we could combine both science, genuine connection AND create good for others? I was in.

Reflecting back on my life, I see how perfectly the steps were laid out in front of me, shaping me for this opportunity.

I think of the years I spent in China (2008-2012) and the dear people I met while living there. It was while in Beijing that I realized how much more alike we are than different. What a gift it was to learn the value of connection and the importance of understanding each other no matter what our background. My hospice and caregiving patients gave me the sacred honor of sitting with them and learning from their triumphs, heartaches, discoveries of life, and dreams. Their sharing confirmed so clearly that we ALL have a story to tell and all want to be remembered for who we are and what we brought into this world. I think of the endless hours my Mom and I worked side by side piecing together family histories and recording the experiences of generations connected through family ties. What a legacy of connection my mom left to our family and one I would like to continue in her honor (miss you, Mom). And it’s through my daily interactions with those I love the most that I see the importance of meeting each other where we’re at and loving each other through this shared experience of life.

My sincere hope for DNA is Love is to not only provide the opportunity to have the DNA remembrance of your loved ones but to also create a community through shared stories of those YOU care about and love. Together we can create this community of safety and kindness so that we can learn from each other in a spirit of genuine acceptance and understanding.

What an incredible journey life is when we learn from each other.

My sweet son, many years ago, exploring China