Combining science and heart, our hope is to bring the power of DNA together along with unbreakable connection we have with the people and pets in our lives who have made such a difference. Why DNA? DNA is a living reminder of someone special in your life. It is an opportunity to carry a tangible yet personal keepsake of the one you love most, whether they are still living or whether they have gone ahead. DNA makes up who we are and is literally one-of-a-kind, there is no other person on the planet who shares or who has shared the exact same DNA sequence as you…even twins! What an incredible thought.

Carrying a living reminder of someone you love is a gift that can last for generations. Dave has had a passion for science and DNA for as long as he can remember. During his graduate research, Dave’s mom, a Registered Nurse, collected blood samples from Dave’s family so he could work on his thesis of identifying DNA markers in human identification research. Dave has held onto these samples over the years and was able to confirm the presence of his parents DNA (over 30 years later) to create the first “Three-Generational” DNA is Love keepsake. In Dave’s own words he considers this to be “one of his most valued possessions.” A dream of his literally coming true.

You can give the unique gift of a lasting connection through our dna jewelry and other products. Whether it is a gift for a grandparent, grandchild, parent or friend, it is sure to be a cherished mEmento that lasts for years to come. there is no better gift than giving the gift of “you.” Check out our products to find the perfect gift.