DNA-filled products were created in hopes of bringing a meaningful and lasting reminder of the one you love. The concept is similar to cremation ash jewelry except using DNA. We wanted to offer these DNA-filled products as a tangible, living reminder of someone you love; a friend, a grandparent, a dog, a cat…anyone who means something special to you. Our hope is that this keepsake will bring peace and comfort for generations to come.

Grateful to have my dad’s DNA with me on this hike at Silver Falls State Park in Oregon. My parents would bring us here as kids and it has always held a special place in my heart. It was meaningful to have a reminder of him with me as I hiked this beautiful trail all these years later. I wish I could have had my Mom with me as well, but she passed in 2011. I don’t have cremation ashes or DNA from her, but I do carry her as a reminder in the pin I wear on my hat. It’s a Cedar Waxing, her favorite bird. There’s something about having them close when I’m out exploring the beautiful places in Oregon. It’s like they’re right there with me.

You can give the unique gift of a lasting connection through our dna jewelry and other products. Whether it is a gift for a grandparent, grandchild, parent or friend, it is sure to be a cherished mEmento that lasts for years to come. there is no better gift than giving the gift of “you.” Check out our products to find the perfect gift.