DNA is literally the material that stores our genetic code in every cell of our body. It makes us who we are and connects us to all living things. It differentiates all people and pets from each other and gives us our uniqueness at the DNA level. This individual uniqueness in plants, people and animals is what makes the world such a fascinating place. So, why choose DNA? DNA is incredibly stable and strong and has been found in samples over a million years old. The double stranded helical structure of the polynucleotide chain is what makes it is so stable and is why DNA lasts for generations. Its complexity is still a mystery in many ways as it was only discovered less than 100 years ago…just a drop of time in the evolutionary bucket.

At DNA is Love, we wanted to provide a very simple way for people to have a preserved DNA memorial keepsake as a living reminder of the ones they love. We created this company to bring the hard science and deep connection together in a way that provides a tangible remembrance of important people and pets in our lives. Our hope is that this can be a meaningful, personal gift that will stand the test of time and be a cherished keepsake for years to come. How I wish I had DNA from my great, great grandmother. What an incredible thought to have a living essence of her with me all these years later. Grateful my kids have their grandfather’s DNA. I know it’ll be a valued keepsake to them for years to come.

You can give the unique gift of a lasting connection through our dna jewelry and other products. Whether it is a gift for a grandparent, grandchild, parent or friend, it is sure to be a cherished mEmento that lasts for years to come. there is no better gift than giving the gift of “you.” Check out our products to find the perfect gift.